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At Hair Genn, we envision a society in which each person confidently embraces their individuality. We imagine a future in which skincare is more than simply a routine, but rather a transforming experience that embraces your journey. Guided by innovation and committed to excellence, we aim to set trends, redefine standards, and become the benchmark in holistic skincare for everyone


At Hair Genn, our steadfast mission is to transform lives, not just skin. We focus on enhancing and nurturing your natural beauty with a range of innovative aesthetic solutions. As builders of self-love and confidence, we go beyond being a cosmetic clinic. With our cutting-edge treatments and dedicated team, we empower you to shape your identity, one radiant complexion at a time

What is the process of Direct Hair Implantation?
The “Direct Hair Implantation” hair method is the most recent form of the FUE hair treatment. It uses the same process as FUE, which is the extraction and transplanting of hair follicles.

The doctors at the Hair Genn will provide you with preoperative care instructions
when you see him. You’ll get better outcomes if you follow the directions.
• Two weeks before the operation, stop taking vitamins.
• At least four weeks before to the therapy, give up drinking and smoking.
What is the estimated duration of the procedure?
The process of getting a direct hair implant in lahore takes around eight hours. The
following factors might be taken into account when determining the precise time
for the procedure:
• Quantity of grafts.
• The surgeon’s abilities and speed.
• Complexity and scope of the procedure.
These are the factors that determine how long your operation will take in the end.
But Hair Genn surgeons are proficient enough to finish the procedure within 7-8
What to expect in terms of recovery and outcomes following DHI?
Recovery is quick, with little bleeding and pain during the surgery. After the
surgery, medications to reduce pain help in minimizing the sensation. After the
surgery, the healing process is easy and quick. However, minor, insignificant
scars will remain on the scalp.
The outcome of this procedure is permanent. After the surgery, natural hair
growth starts around six months later. Furthermore, noticeable outcomes will
appear in less than a year. To put it briefly, DHI promotes the development of
new hair and permanently stops hair loss.

Procedures for hair transplants can be expensive and are not usually covered by
insurance. Insurance providers do not cover hair procedures because they view
them as cosmetic surgery.
The price range for a DHI hair transplant is PKR 40,000 to PKR 5, 00,000.
However, the following variables affect the ultimate cost:
• The surgeon’s proficiency.
• Geographic location.
• Equipment’s quality.
• The total number of grafts
Your doctor will go over the points with you at Hair Club and determine the
total cost of your procedure.
2. Beard Transplantation
Beard transplantation is a type of hair transplantation. The basic idea behind it
is to harvest healthy hair follicle tissue from the posterior occipital area by
means of microsurgical procedures. The tissue is then meticulously processed
and cultured in order to create an artistic transplant of the hair on the patient’s
face in the direction of the growing beard.
3. What is the process of Beard Transplantation?
In order to precisely assess the patient’s beard density and other indicators, as
well as to ascertain the quantity of hair follicles required for transplantation, the
doctor uses specialized instruments to measure the density of the hair in the
donor area and the condition of the hair (hair follicles) in the recipient area prior
to the beard transplant procedure. The incision in the area where hair removal is
being done will heal fully and scar-free in three days.
For information on the cost of a beard transplant in Pakistan, give us a call right
4. PRP Hair Restoration
Discover the rejuvenating effects of PRP Hair Therapy at Hair Genn. This
treatment is intended to boost hair growth, improve thickness, and bring back the
original vibrancy of your hair.
PRP Hair Therapy: What Is It?
Using the restorative qualities of your own blood, PRP Hair Therapy stimulates
hair follicles to encourage hair growth and enhance general hair health in a non surgical manner.
Advantages of PRP Hair Restoration
• Promotes fresh hair development in dormant hair follicles.
• Boosts volume and thickness of hair.
• Rejuvenates and nourishes the scalp to produce stronger hair strands.
• Benefit from hair restoration without having to undergo surgery.
Conditions PRP Hair Therapy Treats
• Encourages regeneration and fight thinning of hair.
• Address alopecia tradicional, androgenetic and other types of hair loss.
• Improve overall scalp health to promote healthy hair growth.
• Achieve a fuller head of hair with natural-looking results.

How Many Grafts Will I Need?
We might not be able to provide you with an accurate estimate of the quantity of
grafts needed and the cost if we do not have precise measurements of the intended
transplant area. Kindly compute the transplant area by following the instructions.
In order to estimate the covering area of your bald patch, please have an eyebrow
pencil or a china marker ready and Saran wrap made of plastic.
An NHT Measuring System
STEP 1 : Draw the area that you wish to cover with the marker.
STEP 2: Trace the line onto the plastic food wrap.
STEP 3: Place the plastic food wrap over the NHT Measuring System and count
the number of small squares. (One small square = 1 cm2.)
Hair Genn achieved its success by fusing the best goods available with an
unwavering commitment to provide the best possible customer service.
Beyond the actual quality of the hair replacement, there are a lot of other things to
take into account when selecting a hair replacement provider. We encourage you to
contrast the following advantages of HCI with those of our rivals.
For the ultimate in un-detectability, the expert craftsmen at HCI connect each
strand of the finest human hair, one at a time, to an opaque, ultra-light foundation.
Over the years, you have undoubtedly seen a lot of Hair Genn clients in person,
and you never would have imagined that any of them was wearing a hair
How much does Pakistani Toppik hair fiber cost?
An incredible way to hide hair loss is with Toppik hair fiber. It provides an instant
visual correction. Toppik hair fiber in Lahore is beneficial for those who have thin
hair or hair loss.
The hair building fibers provide the illusion of real hair while blending in
seamlessly to create a bigger head.
Contact our office to learn the most recent Toppik hair fiber cost in Pakistan